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9 QuickBooks Tips and Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

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Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software.
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QuickBooks is the unmistakable name that comes to mind when identifying the best accounting software for small businesses. For over 35 years, it’s been the most used and dominant accounting software from coast to coast.

QuickBooks provides the business owner access to every financial metric and the ability to do business operations such as printing checks, balancing accounts, making invoices, creating journal entries, and processing credit card payments.

While QuickBooks can efficiently manage all of your accounting tasks, it isn’t always the most user-friendly, particularly for new small business owners.

Continue reading to find useful tips to save valuable time with your QuickBooks tasks!

Utilize the Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are a few QuickBooks cheat codes that will help you save time. Using these keyboard shortcuts, you will have click-free access to QuickBooks pages. 

Ctrl+A will show the Chart of Accounts window 

Ctrl+D will remove items from your list 

Ctrl+I will prompt the window for creating invoice 

Ctrl+J will display the Customer Center 

Ctrl+M will memorize reports or transactions 

Ctrl+W will prompt the Write Checks window

Magnifying Glass

On the top right corner of the screen, there is a magnifying glass icon, which is also known as the search icon. By clicking on this icon, you can search for recent transactions or any desired transaction.

Magnifying glass/ search icon in Quickbooks
Magnifying glass search icon in Quickbooks

Gear Button

Next to the magnifying glass, there is a gear icon. You may see a list of things that QuickBooks Online can perform in addition to entering transactions.

Gear icon in Quickbooks
Gear icon in Quickbooks

More Menu

When you save a transaction under any entity, a More menu appears in each transaction. You can get more information and resources to help you with the transaction.

When you select a transaction for a detailed view, the More option appears at the bottom of the screen. When you select the More button, you’ll get a drop-down menu with the options Copy, Void, and Delete.

You can use the Copy option to duplicate any entry without making duplicates.

The Void option allows you to cancel the transactions.

Using the Remove option, you can delete the transaction. 

More menu in Quickbooks
More menu in Quickbooks

Clock Button

The top left corner of the screen has a clock icon. By clicking on this clock symbol, you can view prior transactions.

QuickMath Calculator

QuickBooks has a calculator available. QuickMath allows you to perform simple calculations while working on a form.

Launch the required form. Click the QuickMath calculator after selecting one of the number fields. A smart screen will display the QuickMath calculator. The chosen number will be displayed in the calculator. Fill in the blanks with the number you want to add to this one.

You can not only add, but also subtract, multiply, divide, and perform other math operations by selecting the type of operation you wish to perform.

To add all the amounts together, press the tab key.

Install an Auto-Import Tool

QuickBooks is capable of managing all accounting tasks with ease. The only drawback to QuickBooks is that it cannot retrieve numbers from your payment system on its own. You’ll have to manually enter each transaction’s value into QuickBooks based on your payment system information. 

Such handwritten entries take time and effort, and are not always precise. An automatic import tool, on the other hand, may interface with your payment system and bring the numbers in intact, accurate, and practically instantaneously. 

Email Automation

Things get easier when they are automated. In QuickBooks, you can automate emails for invoices, financial statements, sales, and much more. You can send an email reminder to clients to pay an overdue invoice, or you can set up reminders for yourself to pay an unpaid account. You can also set weekly sales reports and financial statements emails.

You also have the option of setting up recurring invoices, which will be emailed to you on a regular basis based on the schedule you specify.

Bill Payment Feature

The majority of individuals are unaware that they may pay invoices in QuickBooks. QuickBooks now allows small businesses to pay bills via debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. Payments by debit card and bank transfer are free, while credit card payments incur a 2.9 percent fee.

Small businesses can still defer payments and receive rewards by utilizing a credit card.

Paying bills in Quickbooks
Paying bills in Quickbooks

Memorized Transactions

In QuickBooks, there is a function known as Memorized Transactions. This function allows you to save regular payments, bills, checks, and invoices. However, this feature is only available in QuickBooks desktop editions.

You must go to the List tab, then Memorized Transaction List, and finally Memorized Transaction. Then, click the New Group option and select the transaction to be memorized.

Memorized transactions in QuickBooks

Memorized transactions in QuickBooks

Final Thoughts: QuickBooks Tips and Tricks for Smoother Accounting

QuickBooks is an accounting software that will save you time and money. Set aside some time to study the ins and outs of QuickBooks. The QuickBooks tips and tricks above are only a few of the useful features in the software. 

I hope you found these Quickbooks tips & tricks helpful! For more business accounting tips and advice, visit Today CFO’s blog.

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Tom is the creator of the AIM Framework and Accounting Impact Method. He spends less time on fruitless theoretical methods, and most of his time bringing practical financial, tax, and technology solutions to business owners who want to make an impact on the world.

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