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Construction accounting differs greatly from accounting in other industries due its nature. Unlike other industries, construction is generally project-based. Revenue comes in spurts, and each project has its own set of obstacles, material costs, and even legislation. Another distinguishing feature of the construction sector is its decentralized structure; work is performed on various job sites rather than in a single office or store. This means higher transportation expenses and a higher chance of damaging assets on route.

Inexperienced accountants can cost your company money and potentially put you at danger of IRS audits. A client-centered, results-oriented accounting and tax firm like Today CFO will ensure that your construction company meets its specific goals while prioritizing company growth.

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Construction Payroll Services

The payroll system in the construction business is complicated due to its decentralized, project-centric orientation. Some projects require you to pay each worker the prevailing rate for their appropriate worker classification in the project’s geographical area. Your accountants must next certify your compliance with prevailing wage payroll using a process that varies by state.Furthermore, if your company has projects in various towns or states, employees may be subject to multiple tax withholdings on a single paycheck.

Job Costing

Construction, unlike more centralized, stable sectors, requires a way of recording and reporting transactions on a job-by-job basis. This strategy is known as job costing, and it is one of the most fundamental aspects of construction accounting.

Job costing works in unison with the general ledger to provide a complete picture of a company’s finances. However, unlike the general ledger, which reports on accounts, job costing reports on particular projects, cost actions, and cost kinds.

Audit Defense

Even if you do everything correctly, the IRS may still choose to audit your company. When this occurs, properly produced and arranged financial accounts will save your company from expensive fines, penalties, and additional requirements– especially in the construction industry, where every detail must constantly be accounted for.

Today CFO’s accountants have received audit defense training and understand how to deal with the IRS.


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Learn how our industry-focused services can assist you in staying ahead of the game and concentrating on what matters most: creating winning projects.

Our CPAs and financial specialists at Today CFO have years of accounting experience in the construction business. These experts understand the intricacies of construction finance and how to stay in compliance with the IRS while adhering to optimal business practices.


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The construction business is known for having complex accounting challenges, audit procedures, and tax issues, making accounting for construction corporations and contractors particularly difficult. 
Rather than sacrificing your time or risking falling behind on deadlines, outsourcing your accounting tasks to industry experts will save you days of tedious accounting work and money.

Amy Mayer
Amy Mayer
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I used Today CFO to apply for the PPP loan during the pandemic and I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. First of all, I got money, which most didn't, and they made sure I asked for an amount that would be forgivable. Thanks SO MUCH Today CFO! You guys are the best!
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Dr. Lauren Sporrer
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Tom and his team are the best! I love how accessible they are if I have questions or need some direction for my business. They have streamlined by books and make tax time so easy. Highly recommend!
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Natalia Alekseyevna
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Highly recommend Tommy and Today CFO for their expertise and integrity. They are the best accounting firm in the construction industry and beyond. Look no further for help in accounting and tax services. They care about their clients and bring the most thorough knowledge base to the industry.