• Your company is growing fast, or you’re anticipating rapid growth in the near future
  • You need stronger insights when it comes to your company’s financial performance
  • You’re experiencing cash flow management challenges
  • You’re looking to buy a company, to raise money, or to sell off a portion of your company

We know what it’s like to reach out to a support team and speak to someone different every time. You’re wondering “how does this person even know how my company works?!”

That’s exactly why every Virtual CFO manages an experienced, certified team. Team members do change from time to time (due to promotions, role changes, etc.) which is why your assigned CFO is your main point of contact and that change.

Why not?! Our team has the experience and credentials to deliver the results you expect. Because we operate across the entire US we have the luxury of hiring the best and the brightest, and that’s who you’ll be working with. Additionally, our teams revolve around solid, tested processes & procedures – they know how to tackle tasks, get them done, and meet deadlines.

If you’re a small business, you may only require simpler financial services provided by a bookkeeper or accountant. Chances are, if you’re reading this FAQ page, you’re probably working with, or have worked with a bookkeeper or accountant.

As your business grows, or if you’re planning for growth, your financial needs become more complex. Often your existing financial infrastructure and accounting reporting aren’t giving you the kind of visibility you need to make confident, financially sound decisions around growth strategy.

A Virtual CFO, or Virtual Chief Financial Officer, is an outsourced accountant and advisor. Growing businesses often reach a point where they need professional financial advice to solve emerging roadblocks to growing their business, but can’t afford a full-time CFO or controller which ranges from $175,000 to over $480,000 per year, plus vacations, bonuses and other benefits. Collaborating with a Virtual CFO is a highly cost effective option that can provide you with an experienced accounting support team, at a fraction of that cost.

Our full-service Virtual CFO clients are assigned a CFO, technology specialist, two accountants, and tax manager.

Absolutely… we wouldn’t be the top choice of growing firms across the US, otherwise! We’re not just tracking KPIs for fun, we’re going to use them to track down problems and find real solutions. As an example, if we’re forecasting department utilization of 80% and we are consistently falling short, we can dive in and perform our “root cause analysis” to determine if we’re dealing with a systemic problem or if we simply have to adjust the expectations. This kind of drill-down is one of the major differences between having a data entry bookkeeper and a Virtual CFO.

A Virtual CFO can provide a full range of services including: cash flow planning, managing bank relationships, weekly meetings, forecasting, company-wide KPIs, and much more. Your Virtual CFO will design a roadmap during your onboarding period that will also help you work together to identify and tackle your biggest problems and make the biggest impact.
Today CFO takes proactive impact pretty seriously. Helping our clients establish KPIs and regular financial reporting is our highest priority to give you a strong foundation to build on. Everything from cash forecast and budget reviews to helping you raise cash, grow your working capital, and properly incentivize your employees, we’re here to help your company maximize profits, minimize tax, and to meet the financial needs of your growing company.

If you’re not sure, just reach out and ask! We have amazing relationships with providers across the professional industry. If we can’t do it—we’ll find someone who can that you can trust.

We know the value of being in a niche industry very well. The focus of the KPIs are to fully understand what makes your company tick. Once we have identified your goals, the main revenue drivers and the long-term success indicators, we can successfully build a dynamic forecast that you can use to make solid financial decisions. Your Virtual CFO is constantly monitoring the same KPIs you are to make sure that the assumptions and targets will achieve your desired goals.

We offer secure data-transfer via a client portal and have never experienced data security problems.

For sanity and quality reasons, we have limited our onboarding to no more than 4 new companies per month. Depending on demand, you may have to wait a few weeks before we can officially get things started.

Virtual CFOs are professionals in financial management. That is all we do. Asking an accountant to assist your company in financial management and strategic planning is like asking a nurse to take over the role of a neurosurgeon.
We’re not simply a company that accepts outsourced accounting work. Our clients bring us on as members of their teams. With Today CFO, you’re not just hiring a single individual. You’re hiring our whole staff with access to vast resources of knowledge and experience. An in-house CFO typically carries experience from the few jobs he/she has held, while a Virtual CFO company like Today CFO brings the combined experiences of having worked with hundreds of companies. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and we’re always bringing what works to our clients.

Today CFO is a national firm, and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer value remotely. We meet with our clients using the latest video conferencing software where we can see each other face-to-face and screenshare.

Yes. Your Team is fully responsive even in the busiest tax season crunch.